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Because of the weight of coated paper, most customers choose to ship their order via ground UPS/FedEx. Air shipping is available at an up charge as listed below. Please be sure to specify your shipping method(s) and all destinations at order entry. Changes in shipping destinations or methods at completion of your order may delay your order and/or result in a $25.00 handling fee.

Ground Shipping
Bayshore Printing collects a flat seven percent (7%) fee to cover normal ground shipping and handling within the continental U.S. This fee includes ground freight charges to one destination UPS/FedEx . It also includes insurance charges, handling fees and normal packaging materials. This flat percentage fee is based on the average cost of shipping tens of thousands of orders throughout the continental US and allows you to compute the total cost of ordering printing from Bayshore Printing in advance no surprises. If you choose to prepay your order in full at order entry, Bayshore Printing will waive 1/2 of  this fee.

Air Shipping
If you're in a hurry, you may choose to ship your order or a partial via UPS/FedEx Priority One (next morning) or UPS/FedEx Economy 2 Day Air. Coated paper is very heavy with a typical box weighing approximately 45 pounds.

The surcharge for shipping via air is as follows:

 Continental US UPS Priority UPS Economy
  1 Day 2 Day
Mini-Box (25 Ibs) $45.00 $33.00
Regular Box (45 IBS) $60.00 $45.00

This charge is only the difference in actual cost between shipping a single box via normal ground service and via air and is additional to our standard ground shipping and handling fee. We recommend that you only ship the quantity you need by air and ship the balance via normal ground service for maximum savings.

Drop Shipment Fee
If you request, we will be happy to split your shipment by sending it to multiple destinations. The charge for this service is $25 per shipment or address. In addition, multiple shipment destinations will result in additional shipping charges. Consult your Bayshore Printing representative for the additional charge.

Proof Shipping
Bayshore Printing charges a $16.00 fee for overnight delivery of your proof via UPS/FedEx Priority One. Overnight proof delivery allows for shorter turnaround times and tighter scheduling of your job. We ask that you return your proof along with the okayed proof sheet via overnight express from U.P.S. Postcard Proofs. Postcard orders receive a fax proof only. To receive a color proof on your job of $1,000 or less the charge is $50.00, for your order of $1,000 or more the charge is $16.00 for overnight delivery.


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